Say Goodbye to signs of aging with effective facial treatment!

Thousands of anti-aging creams, moisturizers, lotions, serums, exfoliators, and cleansers are available in market that assures of providing beautiful and supple skin, but not all are efficient to do it (because every individual has different skin tone and it is not necessary that each product would suit each individual skin tone).
This is where spas come into picture! Cosmetic experts working in here are very well aware with all the skin tones and know which product would be suitable for an individual.
Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on luxury brand products, following are few Skin care treatments in Boulder based spa:
Lounge luxe facial
This treatment is fit for all skin tones and in all seasons. Experts first clean the skin of customer; apply mask, massage and lastly hydrate. This can be applied on hand, foot and scalp massage.
4 layer lift
If you want buttery skin before a special event, you can go for this treatment. Layering of various products is done, which is later peeled when it gets dry. In addition this, vitamin C hydration mask, spritz is applied.
Fresh face
This process is like other regular facial treatments, which comprise of cleaning, steaming, exfoliating, extraction, scalping, hand massaging and hydrating.
Beauty treatments are not just for women, men too can go for it. Considering the fact that men have tough skin as compared to women steam, exfoliate, extract, mask, scalp, and hand massage is done accordingly.
Microderm aka
The elasticity of skin can be reduced by this process. Unlike other procedures, this treatment has some additional things like pretreat, microderm exfoliation, calming mask that helps smoothens skin and improves collagen.
Hydration facial
In order to remove dead dry skin, this is the most optimal skin treatment. A diamond tipped instrument and gentle vacuum is used after application of a pack. The products used in it increasing microcirculation and moisturizes the skin with natural supplies, which is not found in other facial procedures.
Facial acupuncture series
People who consider undergoing Botox treatment, this is perfect alternative for them. This treatment is used to enhance circulation of blood in skin that helps tones the skin and muscles.
Pure peel
In order to safeguard skin from UV rays, pure peel facial is done. Likewise, other treatments, this process too has same methods to follow like cleansing, pre-treat, peel, spritz, but difference comes in the use of mask and application of SPF.


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