Do you want to get nail enhancement done?

Besides facial treatments, women worldwide are curious about going for nail treatments as well, in order to enhance their beauty.
Though earlier women use to wear false or gel nails on special occasions like weddings, birthdays or trips overseas, but today with the nail enhancements treatments, wide range of artificial nails have come from which women can choose based on their needs.    Types of nail enhancements treatment provided in best nail spa in boulder are:

Acrylic nails

These resemble just like natural nails and are much more strong and thick than other nails. This adds durability and maintenance factor to it. Another advantage of these is that women can apply their choice of polish as well.

This type of nail is created by combining polymer, monomer, powdered & liquid acrylic product. After creating the mixture, it is applied on the fingernail, which gets hardens within seconds and acrylic nail is then applied on it.

Gel nails

Unlike acrylic type, gel nails are created using an ultraviolet gel. The mixture used to create it contains pre-mixed polymers and monomers.

The looks of these are same as acrylic nails but the process to apply mixture is different. The gel is applied to on the natural nail and then set under an ultraviolet light to make the gel strong. After doing so, fingernails are dipped into water.
Unlike other treatments, this one has more advantage over others because aside providing appealing looks to hand; it is used to fix split or broken nails.


This treatment is completely different from the above two methods. The application of shellac nails is carried out in three steps.
First, shellac polish is applied to provide nails a base coat. Second, the coat is applied three times and lastly after each coat, fingernails are immediately put under a UV light to set the polish.

The durability of these nails is for 14 days. The best advantage of these is it gives a natural appearance without damaging the nail.
Airbrushed nails

Nowadays, nail polish does not refer to one single type of paint, instead a variety of pictures and patterns can be used on a single nail to enhance the appearance. A stencil is used to make the design on nail. Once the design is made, a base coat is applied, and an airbrush tool is used to paint the nail. This lasts for about two weeks and if taken proper care then it can last even longer.


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