How acupuncture can remove wrinkles from your face?

Wrinkles are the biggest aging signs that everyone tries to hide on their face. People try various procedures and therapies to get rid of wrinkles. Acupuncture is one of these many treatments. Only difference in acupuncture and other treatments is, that it works better than any other therapy. Many salons, spas and other center provide acupuncture for face in Boulder and other cities. But how this treatment can remove aging signs from your face?

For the answer of above mentioned question, you first need to know what cosmetic acupuncture is. It is a therapy in which needles are inserted in specific pressure points of your face. Through these points, body’s energy, which is called qi or chi, is managed and controlled with needles. This therapy restores the lost hormonal balance in body and makes improvement in overall health. It can get rid of aging signs by –

Improving blood circulation – Inserting needles in certain pressure points in face helps in improving blood flow. With good blood circulation, every cell gets proper nutrition and oxygen. It hydrates skin with necessary nutrients. In result, regrowth of cells also increases and pores tighten, which improves elasticity in skin and you get a natural glow.

Increasing collagen – It also increases the production of collagen in skin. Collagen is an element in tissues, which is responsible for the elasticity in skin. With increasing age, production of collagen reduces in body. In result, face loses its firmness and gets puffy or wrinkled. Acupuncture is a therapy that increases the production of collagen in body, so that you can get youthful appearance back. You can get rid of puffiness, wrinkles, deep lines, dark circles and droopy eyes with this treatment.

Reducing stress – This treatment also helps in reducing stress and depression. Stress, anxiety and depression are considered the main reasons for early aging signs like wrinkles. But, acupuncture can help you in getting rid of wrinkles by making your body relaxed and stress-free. According to some studies, it also helps in improving sleeping patterns.

Acupuncture can also help in improving acne, facial color and skin tone. It is also considered a good treatment to reduce double chin. This non-surgical therapy can get your youthful appearance back without chemical or going under surgery. It can get you glowing skin with natural and even complexion without aging signs like wrinkles or fine lines. It reenergizes, oxygenates, moisturizes and regenerates cells effectively taking several years off your face.


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