All you need to know before you visit a salon for skin treatments

In today’s world when every one’s seems to be busy in their routine, one should take care of their face and skin to make sure they look nice and young. Skin care treatments are essential if one needs to look flawless. It is best to take care of face skin on daily basis because it is delicate part of the skin. Therefore, a good care is must to look good.

Daily exposure to sun steals away the skin texture. Facials are therefore designed to make your skin look healthy and radiant. Regular facial treatments from the professionals help in maintaining skin and removing unwanted impurities. Facials not only help the skin in glowing but also it tones the muscles and blood circulations in the body.

However, before you select any type of skin care in Boulders and elsewhere for facials, it is extremely important to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients that these products may have. If you have any specific skin allergies or problems, discuss it with your beautician or therapist. It is extremely important, as they may need to change products and treatment based on the information you provide them.

Facial treatments includes-

Consultation– Full assessment and consultation of each client is done by the therapist before taking facial treatments. One can decide the suitable plan.

Cleansing– all skin treatments provide thorough cleansing and ensures  removal of materials that may block or damage your pores. It will remove particles of dust,impurities,cause spots, and other skin conditions.

Massage-it is not only relaxing but stimulates the blood flow and also boosts the immune system.

Steaming-it is a gentle treatment for used mostly for for all skin types. it stimulates the blood and lymph circulation of  the face.
Face mask-masks are natural clays that remove dirt, oils, and dead cells from the skin, leaving your skin radiant and flawless.

Types of facials

Regular: It is the most effective facial, which includes cleansing, ex-foliating, mask according to skin type. These types of skin treatments are recommended once or twice a month to enhance the beauty of skin.

Acne: These types of facials are for people with acne problems, and include deep cleansing, steaming, mask and moisturizer. After the ex-foliating, different masques are applied to reduce the harshness of acne. These facials are suggested on regular intervals.

Fruit: It is one of the most preferable types of facials, which includes usage of Alpha Hydroxy Acid that is derived from fruits.

These acids help in eliminating the dead cells, and reduce wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines. These facials are completely natural and have no side effects.

Antioxidant:  Antioxidant facials are used to protect the face from damage, and are ideal for people who spend more time outdoors. These facials rejuvenate and lift dull skin to give your face more fresh and enhanced appearance.

Gold: This is one of the most rejuvenating treatments used to remove toxin, waste and damaged cells. It includes cleansing, scrub, mask, and moisturizing agent. It also improves the blood circulation and skin elasticity because of its anti-aging affects.

Benefits of facial-

It cleans skin pores deeply.
It rebuilt s our confidence.
It increases blood circulation of the skin and relaxes you.
Facial helps your eyes rejuvenate too.
It not only De-stresses but also makes your skin glow.
It helps your eyes rejuvenate too.
Precautions before getting facial treatments-
Facial is not a magic cure so one needs to take a proper care to look healthy.
Some of the risks in getting a facial are as follows-

One might be allergic to reactions of some of the products being used so one should go for test patch before applying any product on the skin.

Going for simple facials are best as it deeply massage and clean your skin
Women having acne or pimples need to be very careful while having treatment
If one has recently got a bruise or burn on the face, they should not go for facial till it heels completely.


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