Questions you Must ask your Bridal Makeup Artist to Make the Right Decision

Proper and just the right bridal makeup is one thing that the bride wants at her wedding. However, it is very important that the type of the makeup that the makeup artist chooses is right for the skin. So, besides just confirming about the price, there are a number of questions that you must ask a makeup artist before finalizing him for your wedding.

Which makeup style do you follow?
Every makeup artist has a unique style of their own in which they excel. So make sure to ask about their style. You can even ask them to show you their portfolio from where you can judge the type of style they follow.

What kind of makeup products do you use?
Make sure to ask about the brands and the products the makeup specialist uses. It is very important that they use good quality products as bad products can cause harm to the skin.

Do the artists sanitize the products and brushes after use?
Proper cleaning and sanitizing of all the products and brushes are very important so that the same products are not used on other person’s skin. Sponges, mascara wands, brushes should be cleaned properly before using it on other client.

How much is the total experience in the particular field?
A good makeup artist is likely to have years of experience in the industry. So always, make sure that the artist you choose is well trained and has a cosmetology license.

Do they have a portfolio to show?
Through the portfolio, you can judge the quality of work that the artist offers. Therefore, you must ask for the portfolio and after seeing the images of the work, you should make the final decision.

Is the artist well trained to work on different skin tones?
Different people have different skin tones and types. So, it is very important that the artist you choose is well trained and comfortable working on different skin tones. Apart from this, the artist should have all the different shades of makeup products such as eye shadows, foundations, lip color etc.


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