Primary Steps During Body Waxing Treatment


Your skin is precious, to keep your skin healthy, you need to properly protect your skin especially when you go out in sun. Apply a sunscreen with an SPF that is personalized to your skin type. You can use it on daily basis. There are other things that will keep your body skin protected, like the beauty treatments your skin goes through like bleaching, waxing, spa etc. You need to take proper care when going through any of the beauty treatment.

Let have a look at the important steps you need to take during body waxing treatment:

Three step process:

1) Exfoliate: Exfoliate your skin in the shower, twice to three times a week with an all-natural salt or sugar scrub after you get your skin waxed. Rinse away the remaining scrub. This type of exfoliant helps in removing dry or dead skin that will further keep your skin smooth and lifts the hair off the skin for a better waxing experience.

2) Tone: Apply an antiseptic an antiseptic and astringent to the waxed area almost daily. Tea tree oil is a natural combination of both. This process decreases the risk of infection by slowing down the bacterial growth. While astringent helps to absorb excess bad oils that tightens the pores. Tea tree oil with a combination of natural oil like jojoba will not be harsh for the skin.

3) Moisturize: Your skin must be hydrated whether it’s too hot or too cold. The best way to do that is through a body butter that will act as a protector, to keep your body’s natural oils in the skin to keep it supple and hydrated.

If you are living in Boulder, maintain your skin according to the temperature there, which are mostly winter. Do not settle for anything less, get the best waxing services in Boulder to protect your skin and keep it healthy.


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