Eyelash Extensions- A Modern Fashion Trend

When people do not understand the applications of eyelash extension fully, then there are a lot of misunderstandings regarding its uses, types, etc. Some people believe this is a painful process or that actual lashes will all fall out and will never grow again.

There are many types of eyelashes that can be picked especially for the spring or summer seasons. Below are the used and really getting attention on social media. These are-

The Fluffies

Fluffy lashes are no doubt the light, magical eye stunners that are used by many. A few years back this style was made famous, but it is existing and popular because of its eye opening effect.

The fluffy appearance is created by blending different sizes of long and short lashes, having a light, plumed and light diameter.

The Volumes

When the eye lashes have the volume it definitely gives a bold look, your eyes can be noticed from a much distance, so if someone wants to grab someone’s attention from across the place, this can be the best style to wear.

Volumes are designed with the help of lash groupings named as lash wings, these wings have an only stalk that then divides into 3, 4, 6 or sometimes 10 very thick lashes.

Each stalk is connected to one natural lash of the eye, when multiple wings joined to natural eyelashes, the result is a smooth and looks as tightly packed volume.


The Nudies

The nude lash appearance is very popular when there is to give a no makeup look. Mostly done when the focus is in the makeup free natural and glowing skin, but don’t think that lashes are getting a back seat with this look.

As the makeup, which is used is often nonexistent, where lashes take a chance to sparkle without the heavy makeup look which sometimes looks irresistible and false.

A beautiful natural pair of nude lashes does the job flawlessly. Adding that bit of difference to an otherwise simple and elegant canvas.

By using such eyelash expansion, you would not need to apply for any kind of mascara, twisting creams or any curler. If you want to enhance your beauty with that beautiful eyelashes then go ahead and choose the eyelash extensions in boulder.


Things You Must Know Before Going For Eyelash Extensions

Every women wants to have a long and thick eyelashes in order to present an image of excellence There are numerous approaches to upgrade the look of eyelashes, including eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, eyelash curlers, and different items, for example, and mascara.

Presently every lady can take after their fantasy of getting those luscious shining eyes whenever they need with the different techniques used for best eyelash extensions in Boulder to give them an appealing personality.

eye lash

Diverse Types of Eyelash Extension Procedure

Eyelash expansions are fundamentally an approach to make your current eyelashes more expanded and longer than before.

Lash extensions are either semi-perpetual or lasting. Apart from this, you can consider false eyelashes which are a one time wear and can easily be taken off after a party.

Difference Between False Eyelashes And Eyelash Extensions

A false eyelash is a multiplication of a total eyelash on a base that is stuck to the eye cover around the base of the eyelashes. They can undoubtedly be evacuated and are just a transient upgrade to enhance the presence of eyelashes.

An eyelash extension is a progression of individual eyelashes that are stuck to current eyelashes and will keep going for around 4 weeks before a touch up is required.

What Is An Eyelash Extension Made From?

Eyelash expansions can be made of natural human hair, man made fiber, engineered fiber or mink hair.  But the eyelash extensions made up of man made fiber or mink hair are in great use.


How Is Eyelash Extensions Put on?

An expert beautician will take a gander at your eyelashes deliberately to choose those that are well on the way to give a steady establishment to the extension.

Every individual eyelash extension is connected to a current eyelash hair with a special glue. Every eyelid will require around 50 to 100 expansions to make a genuine looking eyelash.

How To Care For The Eye Extensions?

In the initial 24 hours, it is important to counteract contact with water as the paste bond the expansion on your common eyelash must set legitimately.

After that don’t utilize oil based eye makeup or even removers on the grounds that the oil will debilitate the paste.

How To Remove Eye Extensions?

A trained beautician can help you in removing these lashes with an ease. You’ll be able to evacuate them in your own home, however, this can be a tedious procedure and may request various endeavors before they are altogether expelled.

Will The Eye Extensions Affect The Natural Eyelashes?

Unless you are very sensitive to the fiber used to produce these extensions or even the paste used to bond these to the eyelash, there will be no symptoms.

Where there is absolutely a known sensitivity to specific filaments or solvents, this ought to be mentioned before any sort of lash extensions are connected.

With eyelash expansion, you would not need to go for any mascara, eyelash thickening, and twisting creams or any stylers.

If you are one of the women looking for those beguiling eyes, go ahead and enhance the beauty of your eyes with eyelash extensions.


Improve Your Health by Choosing Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is one of the medical way used to treat the patients in a different way. Acupuncture has been practiced from past many years in the East, but now, it is commonly used in the every part of the world. The technique is used in treating various diseases. Many people prefer Acupuncture Treatments in Boulder.

What is Acupuncture

The acupuncture technique is basically originated from the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. Acupuncture is not based on the science instead it is a pseudoscience. JL-Gen-Acupunt

In this practice, the trained and specialized practitioners insert thin needles into the body on specific points to treat specific disease or ailments.

In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) show a list that includes 64 medical problems that can be treated by the acupuncture technique.

There are various diseases that can be treated by acupuncture for example cancer treatment, gastrointestinal distress, depression, weight loss, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), poor appetite, pain, insomnia, and fatigue.

Acupuncture is recommended a medical alternative that is an effective method as well as a drug-free alternative to relax which reduce the intake of life-threatening medicines having various side-effects.

Here are a brief discussion where we can use the acupuncture frequently-


In our fast growing and modern world, we experience some kind of stress, is it not?  Today everybody faces it whether it is a kid who is in school or an adult working in a reputed firm or the elderly people.

Acupuncture is one of the pain relievers that can be used to calm your nervous system that help to reduce the stress.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)-

According to the data available, over 10% of boys and 5% of girls suffer from ADHD disorder in the United States, The data is the official figures provided by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology (AACAP).

Due to the adverse side-effect of other treatments parents are now switching to the Acupuncture and it’s results are really good.

Headaches & Migraines-ache-adult-depression-expression-41253

Headache and migraine are the two most painful because both the ailments have no permanent treatment.

But acupuncture can help to decrease the amount and severity of migraines and headache, such as tension headaches and sinus headaches. Some people regain their happy lifestyle after taking this treatment.

Cancer Treatment-

In 1997, the National Cancer Institute analyzed the advantages and safety of acupuncture as one of the independent cancer treatment. The study concluded the evidences that declare the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment.

The study also states that the acupuncture is better than other alternatives. As it enhances certain blood cells that are used to kill the cancer cells in the body of a patient.

It also boosts the function of the immune system which is important to defend the cancer cells.


Insomnia refers to the lack of sound sleep. The state where somebody experience problems while sleeping.

Acupuncture is helpful to gain sound sleep and helps you to decrease the stress related problems. If have difficulty while sleeping, definitely give a chance to acupuncture treatment!

In the last but not the least this needle therapy is a reliable resource, which is safe to use. Acupuncture Treatments in Boulder is a beneficial approach to treat various kind of ailments.



Best Waxing Services: An Easy To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Waxing To Make Your Body Smooth And Flawless

Hairy body ruins the charm and beauty of your body and skin. So, it is very important to remove the hair from various parts of your body that grows in different cycles. A semi-permanent method, waxing is one of the most safest ways of removing hair from the roots.


Avail the Best Waxing Services in Boulder to wax the hair from visible as well Invisible area of your body. Depending on your growth, the new hair start growing back in the waxed area of your body.

There are different types of waxing, available in the market. Always contact a licensed cosmetologist to avail the waxing services.

Different Types Of Waxing To Perform On your Body Parts

  • Eyebrow Waxing
  • Bikini Waxing
  • Wax On Legs
  • Foot Waxing
  • Waxing On Back Area
  • Wax On Chest
  • Full Body Wax
  • Male Genital Wax
  • Abdomen Waxing
  • Brazilian And French Wax

Waxing Process

A thin layer of wax is spread over the skin to accomplish the waxing procedure. The waxing procedures involve the use of paper or cloth made stripe that is pressed on the top side and then ripped off quickly with force against the growth direction. Thus, the wax is removed with the hair within a few seconds.

Other Popular Methods For Hair Removal

On the contrary to this, there is one other method known as hard wax where thick layer of wax is applied without using wax strip. When it cools, it gets hard, allowing the technician to remove hair without using any aid. People with sensitive skin must go for this method.

Different Ways To Remove Hair

  • Use Of Wax
  • Hair Removal Creams
  • Undergoing Laser Treatment
  • Use Of Razor

Major Things To Consider While Performing Wax

The wax should not apply on the very sensitive area of your body, including ear, nose, eyelashes. Many areas like eyelids can be easily damaged when they are waxed.

Only a licensed professional knows how to wax some sensitive areas like nipples and genitals. The most popular areas are eyebrows, bikini and lip area where women never ignore to apply wax.

Why To Go For Waxing?

Among all the hair removal methods, waxing is preferred by most of the women because of its numerous advantages. If you compare this method with other forms, then you will come to know that this effective method removes big amount of hair at one attempt. This long lasting method gives you satisfactory results.

Use of creams to remove hair, darkens your body areas like armpits. This method only removes hair from the surface, but not from the roots like waxing.

Even when the hair grows, they are usually found very rough and hard. When you use wax over long periods of time, the hair that grow are usually found to be soft and smooth.

This is one of the most economic ways to get rid of body hair. One can also do wax at home after purchasing wax from the market. But, there are some parts where it is not possible to do it on your own.

To get the positive outcomes, make sure that you have performed wax properly. If the wax is not applied properly, then you may experience red bumps and minor bleeding.

Top Tips On Waxing

  • Before applying waxing, try to avoid pool and sun at least 24 hours before prior to waxing.
  • If you are going to shave your body hair for the first time, try to cut the length before visiting a salon.
  • For male genital waxing, only socks are allowed to wear if you feel cold.
  • If you have skin issues, let the technician know about it.
  • Those who are taking acne medication or you are suffering from diabetes, must avoid waxing as they can be prone to infection.

Everyone is not made for waxing, try to know your skin type and then go for the waxing treatment.

Glamourize Your Eyes With Eyelash Lift Treatment

In Boulder salons, eyelash lift procedure is quite in vogue these days. With the new trend gaining the heights, the curiosity is spiking: what, exactly, is eyelash lift? Eyelash lift is a process which can curl and lift your natural lashes for about eight weeks.


One simple appointment for lash curl and you can continue to enjoy its effects for couple of months. Eyes are the most beautiful features of a woman’s face. The first thing anyone notices in a face is the eyes. And eyelashes are the chief part of one’s eyes. Eyelash lift can uplift the entire look of your eyes in a very natural way.


It will be so amazing if you are able to look gorgeous without any makeup like stick mascara. Using the lash lift process, you can accentuate the shape of your eyes even more. Instead of using curling wand for giving a curl to your eyelashes, this procedure is far more healthy.

The downside of using perming rods are many, including over curling and hair fall. The lash lift process lift the lashes directly from the roots, creating a subtle curve to the lashes which looks beautiful and very natural.

No extensions and no makeover required. This procedure is really advanced and new to the industry. If you also include a tint with the perm, then it will appear as if you are wearing massacre 24/7.

Your eyelashes will have Bohemian style look – darkers, voluminous and longer. In order to ensure that your lashes are protected, a special conditioning is applied. This treatment can obviate the usage of extensions and thick mascara.


Lash lift gives:

  • A bold and sexy curve to plain, straight lashes
  • Better visual appeal of open eyes
  • Removes the unnecessary friction of lashes against the shades and spectacles
  • Obviates the requirement of heated lash curler
  • Improves the longevity of lash tints
  • Little to negligible maintenance required
  • Beautifies without any mascara


The procedure is really simple and easy. It takes about forty five to sixty minutes to complete the false eyelash extensions. The incredible results that are achieved after the completion of procedure are worth going though this procedure.

  • A lash perm lifts the lash hair, creating an illusion of thicker, longer eyelashes.
  • You are asked to lie down on the table and the lower lashes are covered with a soft gel pad for protection.
  • A silicone pad is then place above the eyelashes and water soluble glue is applied to your eyelashes.
  • The eyelashes are brushed back over the silicone pad.
  • Afterwards, eyelash perming solution is applied that is left to sit for about ten minutes.
  • After the perming solution has set the lashes, it is removed gently with a cotton swab.
  • A neutralizing solution is applied to the lashes and it is left on for ten more minutes.
  • A lash conditioning treatment applied in the end gives hydration to the lashes.

This treatment uses no chemicals and is performed by certified lash specialist. Now you can pump up the outlook without resorting to artificial extensions or curling wand.

Women who don’t have naturally lush eyelashes making your eyes appear deep-set can take advantage of this treatment and boost the appearance of eyelashes.

The end product gives you a refreshing look which is the main reason this treatment is gaining such popularity. Make sure that the beauty establishment you choose should have good reputation.

Take time to research the beauty establishment that catches your interest. Don’t shirk to check the online reviews of the salon. Without proper knowledge about the credibility, it can result in a disaster which you might easily avoid if make initial effort to look for reliable establishment.

Glam Up Your Looks With Natural Lash Extensions

16143752_1351394348276272_3362651696415529319_oNowadays, eyelash extensions are in high trend around the world. With long eyelashes, you can surely steal the show at almost any event.

As there are lot of choices available in the market for Boulder, it is your responsibility to choose the best natural lash extensions in Boulder.

Tips You May Consider Before Heading To a Salon

Some women don’t have the patience or time to apply fake eyelashes every day. Hence, it’s no wonder that lash extensions are gradually becoming more and more worthwhile with the passage of time.

But, have you ever wondered as to what lengths can help you get to a beautiful flutter? Feeling a bit uneasy about trying this beauty treatment? If yes, then you surely need to read on to get all your queries resolved effectively.

Most common types of lash extensions

In general, there are 3 types of lash extensions:

  1. Silk
  2. Synthetic and
  3. Mink

The size of the lashes can also vary. Normally its size varies from 6mm to 17mm. Once chosen, the lashes are applied one at a time using a uniquely-formed, semi-permanent glue that will not hurt the human eye nor harm the natural lash. However, as allergic reactions are possible, different types of glues are available in the market. So you can choose the one that best strikes your fancy and, at the same time, keeps you away from allergic reactions.

Top Benefits of Using Natural Lash Extensions


Selecting eyelash extensions offer an array of advantages. Some of them are discussed below:

These days, this kind of treatment is cost effective and quite reliable. Not only this, it is carried out by experts who are well trained in providing eyelash extension treatments, thence assisting you to enhance your beauty on a daily basis and lessen the requirement of false eyelashes that you have to put on and take off each day.

  • Long Lasting: The first obvious advantage you will get on picking eyelash extensions that are fitted to each individual eyelash is that they are durable and long lasting. The requirement to remove them each night before you go to bed and setting them up on each morning is left out of the equation and you get attractive, thick and long eyelashes at all times.

  • Gives The Best Results: You will observe that this treatment provides you with the best results. They are of prime quality as compared to the eyelashes you generally buy from local shopping outlets and use as part of your routine makeup.

  • These are specially designed to provide you with excellent eyes at all times, a design that balances your eyes and makes you feel better about yourself on a daily basis.

  • Saves You An Ample Amount of Time: The biggest advantage and probably the one you haven’t thought of is the time-saving element that these eyelash extensions provide.

Due to the fact that they are semi-permanent, there is no need to remove or replace them, this can cut minutes off your time while you get ready for a party, conference, or whatever.

Grab Everyone’s Attention With Your Beautiful Eyelash Extensions

People say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. Then, why not enhance your windows with the elegant eyelash extensions?

Hence, if you are bored with the same styling methods available in parlors and want to try something new? Then try out the trendy and the best eyelash extensions in Boulder.  It’s a unique idea which is quite different from the traditionally styled hair cutting and the others.

Eyelash Extension Process:

Basically, eyelash extension is a process which is applied for extending or lengthening the eyelashes. But along with this, it also increases the lash curve. And even you can modify the color of your eyelashes through the eyelash extension method.

Always Prefer A Professional:Chin Threading

Although there are lashes of all primary colors are available in the beauty salons. But it is crucial to go to a professional expert and discuss with them. Because they will recommend you the exact type of eyelashes that will match your style in terms of thickness, color and degrees of curl.

Requires Additional Care:

Along with this, it is also bested that you prefer a comfortable and relaxing spa environment since your eyelashes are very sensitive and require to be handled in a tactful way.

Normally these eyelash extensions need touch up sessions every 2 to 3 weeks, so that a more longer lasting effect is maintained.

Key Benefits Of Eyelash Extensions Process:

circle_1Adding them to your existing lashes, for example, can make them look longer and thicker while maintaining its natural feel. Useless to say, thicker lashes give your eyes a fuller and more open look as if they were enlarged, thus it will make your eyes even more attractive and beautiful.

Another one of the foremost benefits of eyelash extension is, you do not have to apply mascara anymore or worrying with eyelash curlers or creams to get those long and thick eyelashes that you have always dreamed.

Therefore, you no longer have to waste your money on this nor your time. Once the eyelash extensions are implemented, it will be a natural part of your natural beauty.

Efficacy of Extensions:

You will see numerous types of synthetic extensions sold in the market today, with each of them having its own set of advantages and disadvantages, from how long it should take to put them on to how long they should be used.

Moreover, it depends on how fast your lashes rise and fall out. In general, lashes take 1 to 2 months, with a few of them emitting nearly each day.

Hence, eyelash extensions usually last approximately a month, which certainly means that you have to replace them on a monthly basis.

Some extensions are made of a synthetic material. Each lash is exclusive and is fixed to single lashes providing a complete, natural look.

Because some women don’t want to retain and maintain these extensions, most opt to have the eyelash extension removed or prefer not to have them filled and let them fall off on their own.
The removal process can be performed professionally or even at home also.

Primary Steps During Body Waxing Treatment


Your skin is precious, to keep your skin healthy, you need to properly protect your skin especially when you go out in sun. Apply a sunscreen with an SPF that is personalized to your skin type. You can use it on daily basis. There are other things that will keep your body skin protected, like the beauty treatments your skin goes through like bleaching, waxing, spa etc. You need to take proper care when going through any of the beauty treatment.

Let have a look at the important steps you need to take during body waxing treatment:

Three step process:

1) Exfoliate: Exfoliate your skin in the shower, twice to three times a week with an all-natural salt or sugar scrub after you get your skin waxed. Rinse away the remaining scrub. This type of exfoliant helps in removing dry or dead skin that will further keep your skin smooth and lifts the hair off the skin for a better waxing experience.

2) Tone: Apply an antiseptic an antiseptic and astringent to the waxed area almost daily. Tea tree oil is a natural combination of both. This process decreases the risk of infection by slowing down the bacterial growth. While astringent helps to absorb excess bad oils that tightens the pores. Tea tree oil with a combination of natural oil like jojoba will not be harsh for the skin.

3) Moisturize: Your skin must be hydrated whether it’s too hot or too cold. The best way to do that is through a body butter that will act as a protector, to keep your body’s natural oils in the skin to keep it supple and hydrated.

If you are living in Boulder, maintain your skin according to the temperature there, which are mostly winter. Do not settle for anything less, get the best waxing services in Boulder to protect your skin and keep it healthy.

Spa Spree: Nail Spa For Gorgeous Nails

nail treatment

Nail spa is becoming a trend nowadays in Boulder, where you can find one of the best services. If you haven’t been for a nail spa yet, you are missing an elemental fun and beauty services, which you will surprisingly find very good for health. A nail spa can provide you variety of services including many nail procedures for both beauty and nail health. The main focus of nail spa is mostly on manicure and pedicure. There are many benefits of having mani-pedi. They do not only make your hands and feet look fantastic but also very healthy.

  • Skin Care

Manicure and pedicure help in cleaning the grime and dirt your hands are exposed to, everyday. In the harsh weather, due to the maximum exposure, calluses accumulates on your hands and the skin-tone of your hand and feet becomes uneven. To remedy that, manicures and pedicures are the best solutions that can help you get beautiful healthy hands.

  • Exfoliation:

Cleaning and exfoliating your skin to remove the dead cells and tanning helps keep the appearance of your hands and feet smooth and soft. It makes them look attractive and also remove callouses on the bottom of your feet. Get the feeling of being pampered with professional experts making you feel comfortable.

  • Polish:

You can choose the nail polish color of your choice. Choose from variety of colors ranging from neutrals to sparkly gold and silver. Never be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and choose different colors than you normally would. Experiment and try bold change. The point of it is that you have the freedom to choose and enjoy the process.

  • Great Shape:

During the nail spa, your nails will be shaped and made to look pristine. There are many different cuts and shapes that you can go for. From oval to square shape, the choices are many. The nails are buffed and made even with uniform finish. This makes sure that they have that neat look. Your cuticle are clipped and primped.

The end result of nail spa is amazing. To have the feeling of being pampered and spoiled like a princess, visit a reputable nail spa. You will be simply amazed by the refreshing feeling that comes after a nail spa and you can enjoy relishing the healthy and beautiful nails you will have after nail spa treatment.

Acupuncture : An Old Age Treatment For Health Care

Acupuncture is the age old solution for preserving the beauty and preventing wrinkles from happening. For the Acupuncture facial rejuvenation, the needles have to specifically embedded in certain points in the face, arms, body areas.

It involves balancing the  energy flow process, Qi, which also helps in the stimulation of blood circulation and clearing out toxins from the skin. The effects are immediate, the skin looks rejuvenated with wrinkles and fine lines decreased in one go. The scars and acne treatment can also be achieved with this alternate medical treatment.

This treatment not just treat your outer body symptoms but also helps you feel psychologically better. The internal stress, depression, and fatigue can be reduced using acupuncture. Without resorting to the surgical methods like facelift, or chemical treatments like Botox, this method can be instrumental in reducing the effects of aging on your skin. The best thing about acupuncture is that there are no side effects like surgery or Botox does.

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation

The blood circulation of your face is improved and increased the collagen level. This results in increased elasticity and muscle tone.

Acupuncture Process
The history of the patient is analysed by the professional acupuncturist. They take quick medical examination by checking your blood pressure, pulse, tongue shape, coating and color. Then accordingly treatment plan is devised. You are made to lie on the treatment table and slowly and precisely, very fine needles are inserted and they are retained inside for few minutes. Afterwards, the patient feels utterly relaxed.

Number Of Sessions Required:
The frequency of the sessions is different for different people. Depending on the type of the illness, two to three sessions on the weekly basis are recommended. However for acute illness, only a few sessions would suffice and in eight-ten acupuncture treatment sessions would help the patient make a total recovery.

Illnesses Treated:
The number of illnesses that can be cured using this way are in hundreds. Some of the common ones are anxiety, depression, infertility, insomnia, migraine, backache, arthritis, facial pain, HTN, leukopenia, dental pain, shoulder periarthritis, sciatica, stroke, alcohol addiction and detoxification, asthma, cancer pain, neurosis, stress syndrome, diabetes, facial spasm, etc.

Selecting Your Acupuncturist:
The acupuncturist you select must hold a license to by the state board. You should carefully check the credentials of the acupuncturist. They should hold the qualification and training certifications as a proof.

The experience of the acupuncturist is the most necessary requirement. You don’t want an amateur sticking needles in your skin.

They should have insurance in case any accident occurs. Though the chance of an injury occurring in this field is less, but possible.