Eyelash Extensions- A Modern Fashion Trend

When people do not understand the applications of eyelash extension fully, then there are a lot of misunderstandings regarding its uses, types, etc. Some people believe this is a painful process or that actual lashes will all fall out and will never grow again.

There are many types of eyelashes that can be picked especially for the spring or summer seasons. Below are the used and really getting attention on social media. These are-

The Fluffies

Fluffy lashes are no doubt the light, magical eye stunners that are used by many. A few years back this style was made famous, but it is existing and popular because of its eye opening effect.

The fluffy appearance is created by blending different sizes of long and short lashes, having a light, plumed and light diameter.

The Volumes

When the eye lashes have the volume it definitely gives a bold look, your eyes can be noticed from a much distance, so if someone wants to grab someone’s attention from across the place, this can be the best style to wear.

Volumes are designed with the help of lash groupings named as lash wings, these wings have an only stalk that then divides into 3, 4, 6 or sometimes 10 very thick lashes.

Each stalk is connected to one natural lash of the eye, when multiple wings joined to natural eyelashes, the result is a smooth and looks as tightly packed volume.


The Nudies

The nude lash appearance is very popular when there is to give a no makeup look. Mostly done when the focus is in the makeup free natural and glowing skin, but don’t think that lashes are getting a back seat with this look.

As the makeup, which is used is often nonexistent, where lashes take a chance to sparkle without the heavy makeup look which sometimes looks irresistible and false.

A beautiful natural pair of nude lashes does the job flawlessly. Adding that bit of difference to an otherwise simple and elegant canvas.

By using such eyelash expansion, you would not need to apply for any kind of mascara, twisting creams or any curler. If you want to enhance your beauty with that beautiful eyelashes then go ahead and choose the eyelash extensions in boulder.


Things You Must Know Before Going For Eyelash Extensions

Every women wants to have a long and thick eyelashes in order to present an image of excellence There are numerous approaches to upgrade the look of eyelashes, including eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, eyelash curlers, and different items, for example, and mascara.

Presently every lady can take after their fantasy of getting those luscious shining eyes whenever they need with the different techniques used for best eyelash extensions in Boulder to give them an appealing personality.

eye lash

Diverse Types of Eyelash Extension Procedure

Eyelash expansions are fundamentally an approach to make your current eyelashes more expanded and longer than before.

Lash extensions are either semi-perpetual or lasting. Apart from this, you can consider false eyelashes which are a one time wear and can easily be taken off after a party.

Difference Between False Eyelashes And Eyelash Extensions

A false eyelash is a multiplication of a total eyelash on a base that is stuck to the eye cover around the base of the eyelashes. They can undoubtedly be evacuated and are just a transient upgrade to enhance the presence of eyelashes.

An eyelash extension is a progression of individual eyelashes that are stuck to current eyelashes and will keep going for around 4 weeks before a touch up is required.

What Is An Eyelash Extension Made From?

Eyelash expansions can be made of natural human hair, man made fiber, engineered fiber or mink hair.  But the eyelash extensions made up of man made fiber or mink hair are in great use.


How Is Eyelash Extensions Put on?

An expert beautician will take a gander at your eyelashes deliberately to choose those that are well on the way to give a steady establishment to the extension.

Every individual eyelash extension is connected to a current eyelash hair with a special glue. Every eyelid will require around 50 to 100 expansions to make a genuine looking eyelash.

How To Care For The Eye Extensions?

In the initial 24 hours, it is important to counteract contact with water as the paste bond the expansion on your common eyelash must set legitimately.

After that don’t utilize oil based eye makeup or even removers on the grounds that the oil will debilitate the paste.

How To Remove Eye Extensions?

A trained beautician can help you in removing these lashes with an ease. You’ll be able to evacuate them in your own home, however, this can be a tedious procedure and may request various endeavors before they are altogether expelled.

Will The Eye Extensions Affect The Natural Eyelashes?

Unless you are very sensitive to the fiber used to produce these extensions or even the paste used to bond these to the eyelash, there will be no symptoms.

Where there is absolutely a known sensitivity to specific filaments or solvents, this ought to be mentioned before any sort of lash extensions are connected.

With eyelash expansion, you would not need to go for any mascara, eyelash thickening, and twisting creams or any stylers.

If you are one of the women looking for those beguiling eyes, go ahead and enhance the beauty of your eyes with eyelash extensions.


Glam Up Your Looks With Natural Lash Extensions

16143752_1351394348276272_3362651696415529319_oNowadays, eyelash extensions are in high trend around the world. With long eyelashes, you can surely steal the show at almost any event.

As there are lot of choices available in the market for Boulder, it is your responsibility to choose the best natural lash extensions in Boulder.

Tips You May Consider Before Heading To a Salon

Some women don’t have the patience or time to apply fake eyelashes every day. Hence, it’s no wonder that lash extensions are gradually becoming more and more worthwhile with the passage of time.

But, have you ever wondered as to what lengths can help you get to a beautiful flutter? Feeling a bit uneasy about trying this beauty treatment? If yes, then you surely need to read on to get all your queries resolved effectively.

Most common types of lash extensions

In general, there are 3 types of lash extensions:

  1. Silk
  2. Synthetic and
  3. Mink

The size of the lashes can also vary. Normally its size varies from 6mm to 17mm. Once chosen, the lashes are applied one at a time using a uniquely-formed, semi-permanent glue that will not hurt the human eye nor harm the natural lash. However, as allergic reactions are possible, different types of glues are available in the market. So you can choose the one that best strikes your fancy and, at the same time, keeps you away from allergic reactions.

Top Benefits of Using Natural Lash Extensions


Selecting eyelash extensions offer an array of advantages. Some of them are discussed below:

These days, this kind of treatment is cost effective and quite reliable. Not only this, it is carried out by experts who are well trained in providing eyelash extension treatments, thence assisting you to enhance your beauty on a daily basis and lessen the requirement of false eyelashes that you have to put on and take off each day.

  • Long Lasting: The first obvious advantage you will get on picking eyelash extensions that are fitted to each individual eyelash is that they are durable and long lasting. The requirement to remove them each night before you go to bed and setting them up on each morning is left out of the equation and you get attractive, thick and long eyelashes at all times.

  • Gives The Best Results: You will observe that this treatment provides you with the best results. They are of prime quality as compared to the eyelashes you generally buy from local shopping outlets and use as part of your routine makeup.

  • These are specially designed to provide you with excellent eyes at all times, a design that balances your eyes and makes you feel better about yourself on a daily basis.

  • Saves You An Ample Amount of Time: The biggest advantage and probably the one you haven’t thought of is the time-saving element that these eyelash extensions provide.

Due to the fact that they are semi-permanent, there is no need to remove or replace them, this can cut minutes off your time while you get ready for a party, conference, or whatever.