Eyelash Extensions- A Modern Fashion Trend

When people do not understand the applications of eyelash extension fully, then there are a lot of misunderstandings regarding its uses, types, etc. Some people believe this is a painful process or that actual lashes will all fall out and will never grow again.

There are many types of eyelashes that can be picked especially for the spring or summer seasons. Below are the used and really getting attention on social media. These are-

The Fluffies

Fluffy lashes are no doubt the light, magical eye stunners that are used by many. A few years back this style was made famous, but it is existing and popular because of its eye opening effect.

The fluffy appearance is created by blending different sizes of long and short lashes, having a light, plumed and light diameter.

The Volumes

When the eye lashes have the volume it definitely gives a bold look, your eyes can be noticed from a much distance, so if someone wants to grab someone’s attention from across the place, this can be the best style to wear.

Volumes are designed with the help of lash groupings named as lash wings, these wings have an only stalk that then divides into 3, 4, 6 or sometimes 10 very thick lashes.

Each stalk is connected to one natural lash of the eye, when multiple wings joined to natural eyelashes, the result is a smooth and looks as tightly packed volume.


The Nudies

The nude lash appearance is very popular when there is to give a no makeup look. Mostly done when the focus is in the makeup free natural and glowing skin, but don’t think that lashes are getting a back seat with this look.

As the makeup, which is used is often nonexistent, where lashes take a chance to sparkle without the heavy makeup look which sometimes looks irresistible and false.

A beautiful natural pair of nude lashes does the job flawlessly. Adding that bit of difference to an otherwise simple and elegant canvas.

By using such eyelash expansion, you would not need to apply for any kind of mascara, twisting creams or any curler. If you want to enhance your beauty with that beautiful eyelashes then go ahead and choose the eyelash extensions in boulder.


Glamourize Your Eyes With Eyelash Lift Treatment

In Boulder salons, eyelash lift procedure is quite in vogue these days. With the new trend gaining the heights, the curiosity is spiking: what, exactly, is eyelash lift? Eyelash lift is a process which can curl and lift your natural lashes for about eight weeks.


One simple appointment for lash curl and you can continue to enjoy its effects for couple of months. Eyes are the most beautiful features of a woman’s face. The first thing anyone notices in a face is the eyes. And eyelashes are the chief part of one’s eyes. Eyelash lift can uplift the entire look of your eyes in a very natural way.


It will be so amazing if you are able to look gorgeous without any makeup like stick mascara. Using the lash lift process, you can accentuate the shape of your eyes even more. Instead of using curling wand for giving a curl to your eyelashes, this procedure is far more healthy.

The downside of using perming rods are many, including over curling and hair fall. The lash lift process lift the lashes directly from the roots, creating a subtle curve to the lashes which looks beautiful and very natural.

No extensions and no makeover required. This procedure is really advanced and new to the industry. If you also include a tint with the perm, then it will appear as if you are wearing massacre 24/7.

Your eyelashes will have Bohemian style look – darkers, voluminous and longer. In order to ensure that your lashes are protected, a special conditioning is applied. This treatment can obviate the usage of extensions and thick mascara.


Lash lift gives:

  • A bold and sexy curve to plain, straight lashes
  • Better visual appeal of open eyes
  • Removes the unnecessary friction of lashes against the shades and spectacles
  • Obviates the requirement of heated lash curler
  • Improves the longevity of lash tints
  • Little to negligible maintenance required
  • Beautifies without any mascara


The procedure is really simple and easy. It takes about forty five to sixty minutes to complete the false eyelash extensions. The incredible results that are achieved after the completion of procedure are worth going though this procedure.

  • A lash perm lifts the lash hair, creating an illusion of thicker, longer eyelashes.
  • You are asked to lie down on the table and the lower lashes are covered with a soft gel pad for protection.
  • A silicone pad is then place above the eyelashes and water soluble glue is applied to your eyelashes.
  • The eyelashes are brushed back over the silicone pad.
  • Afterwards, eyelash perming solution is applied that is left to sit for about ten minutes.
  • After the perming solution has set the lashes, it is removed gently with a cotton swab.
  • A neutralizing solution is applied to the lashes and it is left on for ten more minutes.
  • A lash conditioning treatment applied in the end gives hydration to the lashes.

This treatment uses no chemicals and is performed by certified lash specialist. Now you can pump up the outlook without resorting to artificial extensions or curling wand.

Women who don’t have naturally lush eyelashes making your eyes appear deep-set can take advantage of this treatment and boost the appearance of eyelashes.

The end product gives you a refreshing look which is the main reason this treatment is gaining such popularity. Make sure that the beauty establishment you choose should have good reputation.

Take time to research the beauty establishment that catches your interest. Don’t shirk to check the online reviews of the salon. Without proper knowledge about the credibility, it can result in a disaster which you might easily avoid if make initial effort to look for reliable establishment.